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FAQ: Tips and Tricks
Why can't I publish my picture?
Applies to: Pictures

Pictures have to be within file size limits and file naming conventions.

The preferred file size is under 450KB. The guidelines for the approved photograph size is on the page under the button for selecting the picture to publish.

The preferred naming convention for pictures is no whitespace and special characters (non-alphabetic or numeric) in the file name.


BAD - Lovely picture of myself and a bush.jpg
GOOD - Lovely_picture_of_myself_and_a_bush.jpg

I have 200 pictures I'd like to put into an album. Is there an easy way to do it?
Applies to: Pictures

Short answer is, No. Each picture has to be selected and uploaded separately when putting pictures into a photo album.

This limitation can be worked around two ways.

1) Archive the pictures into a .zip file and send them to an administrator and ask them to upload them.

2) Archive the pictures into a .zip file and send them to an administrator and ask them to make the archive available to the populace as a downloadable file.

Option 2 works well if the file sizes of the pictures taken are significantly larger than the system limitations in place.

As an option, I am working on a method to drop files into a directory and automatically resize images to meet the system criteria. This is in the works and when it's ready, the service will be announced.



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