CenTexPGR Leadership Tweaks
Posted by marebear_56 on 01/23/2010 23:00:00
CenTexPGR Leadership Tweaks
In case you had not noticed there have been some tweaks to our Leadership and a slight shift in our Ride Captains responsibilities.
Due to unforeseen health issues, I have been forced to take a step back from the day-to-day running of CenTexPGR. I am not going to disappear and am still working/mentoring in the background as my treatments allow.
When my illness came to light, Holly stepped up and began taking over many of my responsibilities. She now coordinates, writes and publishes all of our missions. I have been so impressed with her progress that I have installed her as my Assistant. She is a quick study and in no time has shown that she is more than capable of handling these tasks in a very professional manner.
Don Cormier, one of our Sun City Members, Has offered to become a Ride Captain for us, concentrating on running missions at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. Thank you Don, I know you will be an invaluable asset to our Leadership Team!
In fact, ALL of our Ride Captains have stepped up and have assumed more duties in order to keep our organization running smoothly. Kudos to “Sleepy” and “Winchester” for becoming official POCs to the families and Funeral Homes for us.
When you have an opportunity, please congratulate and welcome Holly and Don to their new positions.  While you’re at it, shake your Ride Captains’ hands for the jobs they do to ensure our missions go off without a hitch.
Please keep doing what you do best - honoring and supporting our Veterans and their Families. I will be with you all in spirit until I am able to return to the Flagline.
Respectfully and Always,
Your Marebear

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