Firearms at Missions
Posted by marebear_56 on 04/05/2018 08:59:33
A message regarding Open/Concealed Carry during PGR missions:

With the new Open Carry Law, we have had several questions about how this will affect the Patriot Guard.

As we understand the law, you must be a licensed CHL holder in order to legally carry a handgun in the open.

The Texas Patriot Guard is not in the position to question your rights as a licensed CHL holder and will not do so.  A CHL license holder knows where they are allowed to carry a weapon and where they are not allowed to carry based on the laws.

That being said, we all need to remember that the Patriot Guard are invited guests of the family of fallen Veterans at their most sacred time and we are there to pay Honor and Respect.  That respect and some common sense need to prevail.  Our missions/flag lines are not the place to be openly carrying a weapon OR allowing a concealed weapon to be seen.

The Texas Patriot Guard Riders policy will be that no Open Carry will be permitted on any mission. Concealed Carry is permitted IF LEGAL at that location. DO NOT SHOW OFF THAT YOU ARE CARRYING A CONCEALED WEAPON.

The Mission RC does have the authority to ask anyone who is open carrying to remove the firearm and place it out of view, and/or ask the individual to leave the mission if they refuse. The same goes for concealed carry that is visible to onlookers.

This policy is not in any way, shape, or form to infringe on the rights of a CHL holder, but to simply set a higher standard for which the Patriot Guard is known and presented to our Veterans families at each and every mission.

Thank you all for supporting the Patriot Guard Riders and Honoring our Heroes.

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