Could This Be You This Summer?
Posted by marebear_56 on 05/17/2010 23:00:00

(Photo courtesy of Dub's sneaky, camera grabbin' self!)

Extended News

You may have already read the "Safety Articles" Gerry "Rocketman" Lowrey, 3%, In-Country MC,�secured�and posted�for us.� I'm adding the links to those articles here because they will soon slide off the list at the side of the website. If you haven't read them or don't want to, at least be aware that the summer heat creates great health and safety concerns for us as we ride and stand in flaglines for hours.

THIS IS IMPORTANT STUFF.� If not for you, then for the lady or gentleman standing next to you in line or riding next to you on the road.

Summer Heat Protection, Part 1
Summer Heat Protection, Part 2

Unintended Consequences of Our Medications


Some more really good to know information:


THIS may be old, but it is still valid!

From: Gould, Christopher E SFC MIL USA
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:41 AM
To: MGregory2
Subject: Memorial Day Weekend 2010 motorcycle.pptx


� Could you please share this with our fellow riders?� This is a Safety
brief I made for the riders in my unit for this long weekend.

�With all of the activities that should be happening this weekend (Freedom Rally Run) the more people we encourage to ride safe the more we can save from harm.

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