Group Riding Information
Posted by marebear_56 on 08/02/2009 16:00:22
Group Riding

Good To Know Information excerpted from the Official Centex Ride Captain SOP written by Steve "Scout" Cole. This information has been paraphrased by Gerry "Rocketman" Lowrey for dissemination to you, our Centex PGR Member, to educate and keep you informed so you are better able to contribute to our safety as a whole when we are riding as a group.

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Extended News
Gerry has taken a personal interest in keeping you, our members, informed as to safety issues that have a direct impact on you.  I, for one, really appreciate the time he has been taking from his personal life to help us stay safe and healthy - not only during execution of our missions, but in our everyday lives.

For some of you, this information will be a "refresher." For others, it may be the first time you've seen this information all in one place.  Just click the appropriate article title and you will be taken the the thread .  Feel free to post questions, comments and suggestions.  This is YOUR organization and your concerns are your leadership's concerns.

Group Riding - General

Group Riding - Formations

Group Riding - Hand Signals